Avery DIY Industrial Labels

A leading global manufacturer of self-adhesive labels, we understand there is a significant difference in adhesion and material requirements labelling in industrial environments. Standard ‘office’ labels are not designed to withstand conditions and hazards found in harsh environments such as chemical labelling, warehousing manufacturing, laboratories or construction sites.

Avery’s DIY Industrial Labels are specifically engineered to weather tough conditions, enhance safety, ensure you are compliant and increase productivity.

Avery’s On Demand Printing using Avery Design & Print FREE templates allows you to customise and create workplace warning and safety signs, chemical labels, barcoded asset management labels and maintenance part bins fast and efficiently.

Have more than one site? Now you can save your designs which you created and share with work colleagues as a PDF to ensure consistency and compliance on all sites.

Our research and development team engineered Avery DIY Industrial Labels with fit-for-purpose specifications such as salt water, chemical, weather and UV resistance and tear proof, so they work for their intended applications.  Because of this, it is more cost-effective to use the right label from the start.

Contact Avery Industrial Customer Service Team on 1800 644 353 or visit our website www.averyproducts.com.au/industrial-security-labels